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I was thinking about the student riots in the UK last night.

Thousands of students had taken to London’s streets to join the demonstration against the plan to lift the cap on university tuition fees to £9,000.

About 2,000 split from the main march to gather outside 30 Millbank, the Conservative headquarters in Westminster, where windows were smashed, fires lit and missiles thrown at police, Mr Herbert said.

Let’s fact it – those who trashed the conservative HQ were just out to have a bit of fun smashing stuff in the name of protest.

In fact it was extremely counter-productive. I mean, what message is relayed by this action?

  • “Go to university and learn to get your way by smashing things up”
  • “We’re too dumb to respect democracy or free speech so please make it cheaper to educate us”
  • “We’re the next generation and we’re spoiled brats”
  • “Higher education makes people violent”

Higher education is a privilege. The only reason any of us can get the level of education we have today is because we’re lucky enough to have been…

a) born with brains – many people aren’t

b) born in a time when such education exists for the common people – back when, the average Joe in the fields had no chance to be educated, no matter what his level of brains. And I’m not talking about the 16th century either.

c) born in a time when education exists at all – we’re extremely lucky in our day and age that we have centuries of scientific and philosophical advances to draw on.

We need a little less complaining and a little more appreciation for what we have, because whatever we’re paying for it, it’s way cheap.


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