PR vs. “The Plan”

Tapu Misa hasn’t followed US politics too closely for the last 2 years.

Barack Obama was supposed to be The One who would transcend that kind of dyed-in-the-wool partisanship.

He was supposed to be the post-partisan President (as well the post-racial one; good luck to that), a beacon of reasonableness and common sense whose rousing rhetoric would overcome the rancour and toxicity of old-style politics, and help divided Americans find common ground.

Well, that was the plan, anyway. But look where it got him.

Eh? That was never Obama’s plan – just his rhetoric. The man talked a big game of putting aside political differences but he never once put those words into actions. Republicans quickly found that their ideas were simply not wanted, as Democrats argued over which of their ideas to whip their majority behind.


  1. Tapu Misa is an idiot, she should stick to playing in her own sand-pit, the big wide world is a bit too complicated for her.

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