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Well, back in September I noted that Eva Longoria was patting herself on the back for having such a successful marriage.

I said at the time…

I mean, seriously – is it even possible for people who’ve not had children, to have marital problems after a mere 3 years?I hate to think how long this woman’s marriage is going to last if/when she actually has something in her life to cause serious stress to her marriage.

Well, it seems that after 30 3 long years of marriage, the successful marriage of Eva Longoria is now at an end.

Today the actress filed documents in the Los Angeles Superior Court to legally separate from the basketball player.

The petition states “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the break-up.

Longoria is seeking spousal support from Parker and is also asking for her maiden name to be restored. The court documents also state that the date of the separation is still to be determined.

I’d like to tell everyone what we had to weather in our first few years of marriage, but that would be telling. Sufficient to say, I suspect these two lasted because they spent about 3 days a month in the same place.


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  1. Soooo……what was her secret to a long lasting marriage? Keeping her head buried knowing he was always cheating on her? The kennedy way?

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