Electoral Finance Act Mk2

Well, I didn’t march down Queen St for this.

Three years after the outcry at financial restrictions on independent electoral advertising, the Labour Party has got its way. National has folded on an issue it fought from Opposition, agreeing to restrictions that differ only by degree with the spending limits legislated by the Labour Government.

National’s amendment to the Electoral Finance Act has emerged from a select committee of Parliament with a $300,000 limit on the amount “third party” participants can spend to promote an issue to voters. “Third party” is the politicians’ term for people or groups of no affiliation who are not standing for election but are moved to spend their own money on a cause close to their heart.

Throughout this long debate over their rights, most people who practise politics or study it avidly have missed the central point. It is this: people who are not avid followers of politics and public issues have their voice effectively muzzled by law that is mined with arcane, pernickity requirements.

I certainly will not be voting for National at the next election. First they refused point blank to listen to the vast majority of New Zealanders who were concerned about reasonable parental rights, now they feel free to reinstate the law that was specifically written to keep Labour in power.

Time to find another party. Frankly I’d rather vote for Labour – as utterly disgusting as that party is, we know what they stand for.


  1. Good post.
    I’m feeling disenfranchised at the moment. Can’t see any party I would want to vote for.

  2. While Labour are no solution, I know they’ll never represent me. But when National doesn’t either, then we don’t have anyone. I’m not voting for National again until they fix the anti-smacking bill. If that means I need to endure Labour in government for however long it takes for National to start listening to their voters, then so be it.

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