Pike River

So in review:

  1. There was an explosion in the mine 4:30 Friday
  2. Two men walked out
  3. 29 did not
  4. There’s probably a fire
  5. There is poisonous gas
  6. They’ve drilled a hole into one shelter area and found poison gas and no people
  7. They’ve sent in a couple of robots and found a hat with it’s light still on

That’s about that’s really happened, or have I missed something? Sometimes I wish the media would just tell us there’s nothing new and leave it at that.

It’s not looking good though. We don’t even know if the men survived the explosion, let alone 5 days underground in a bath of poison gases.

But the darkest moment is always that which is just before the dawn, and there is always hope.

Update: Well, it appears that there has been a second explosion, from which no one could have survived.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

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