The people of Gaza have too little cement in their diet

No Right Turn almost writes his own fisk.

Six months ago, following its murder of civilians on the MV Mavi Marmara, Israel announced that it was “easing” its economic blockade of Gaza.


Indeed it is – no innocent civilians were murdered, criminal terrorists masquerading as “peace activists” were shot in self defense after they tried to murder the troops who were boarding to enforce a legal blockade.

Meanwhile, the BBC reminds us all of why the blockade was imposed: not (as Israel claims publicly) to “prevent terrorism”, but “as part of a policy of ‘deliberately reducing’ basic goods for people in Gaza in order to put pressure on Hamas” – that is, starving the Palestinians because they voted for a government the Israelis didn’t like.

Now, Israel isn’t literally starving the people in Gaza, just restricting certain goods. But hey, if it sounds like children are dying in the streets, so much the better. Truth schmuth.

That’s their own government’s policy, BTW, released under Israel’s freedom of information law; they condemn themselves out of their own mouths.Starving civilians in order to achieve your political aims is immoral. When thugs like Mugabe do it, we rightly accuse them of perpetrating a crime against humanity. The same should apply to Israel.

When thugs like Mugabe starve people, we put sanctions on their country. We do that even though we in the west aren’t really affected by what Mugabe is doing. But Israel is most certainly affected by the Hamas government elected in Gaza because it’s the expressed intention of that goverment to destroy them.

Idiot knows this of course. He’s being deliberately dense because it suits his politics. No country wants to provide aid to a goverment who’s aim is to destroy them, it’s just that very few are in the position Israel is, which means that pretty much every other country in the world has the luxury of second guessing the situation. Israel doesn’t have the luxury of “political aims”. Their goal is survival, which includes anticipating and heading off future problems before it’s too late.

Finally one thing that made me chuckle about the whole situation. The MV Mavi Marmara was essentially a PR stunt, designed to get the IDF to fire on people claiming to be peace activists (it staggers belief that some people insist on calling those people “peace activists”, but that’s politics).  Essentially, they “succeeded” in getting Israel to change policy with this stunt.

Now it turns out that Israel’s “change in heart” was simply more PR. Oh, the irony.

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