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Standing up for NZ values

Idiot has really outdone himself here.

New Zealanders love whales. New Zealanders hate whaling. So you’d expect the New Zealand government to be joining the Australian government’s case to prevent Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary before the International Court of Justice, right?

Wrong. Instead, we’re just standing on the sidelines:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a government which stood up for New Zealand values for once, rather than ignoring them in the hope of selling more milk? A government which represented all of us, rather than just a few greedy farmers?

National is not such a government. We should vote them out and get a government which will properly represent us on the world stage.

Get that? The National government is refusing to join Australia’s court action to stop whaling, because in spite of the fact that the Aussies desperately want us to join, we would rather not hurt our trade with Japan.

What a wonderfully compelling tale. It is of course 100% horse poo.

“Australia has indicated that they would prefer New Zealand not to file as a party.

Oh, so they don’t want us.

Because New Zealand has a judge on the ICJ, Sir Kenneth Keith, the joining of the two actions would result in Australia losing its entitlement to appoint a judge for the case. New Zealand’s decision to intervene will allow the case to proceed without delay,” Mr McCully said.

Ah, so if we did join in we’d just hold stuff up.

“With this decision made, we have begun to focus on new diplomatic and communications strategies to try to persuade Japan to end whaling in the Southern Ocean. With this in mind, I have spoken to Japan’s Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara to explore the room for further diplomatic initiatives.”

Mr Rudd said New Zealand’s decision was what Australia wanted.

And Australia has confirmed this.

“New Zealand has once again confirmed that it is a strong partner of Australia in the bid to end scientific whaling and improve whale conservation worldwide,” Mr Rudd said.

“By intervening in the case, New Zealand will be able to make both written and oral submissions to the court that Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean is contrary to its obligations under applicable international conventions to which Australia and New Zealand are also Parties.

Now, I read that after reading Idiot’s post. So it was with great suprise that I went back to his post only to discover he linked to the very report that explained that NZ was in fact taking the very action that would help take the case succeed.

One would think that Idiot was prepared to lie to make National look bad, on the assumption that no one would ever call him out on his complete lack of integrity.

Surely not…


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