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Well, the latest taser report is out, and Idiot doesn’t like it.

I was particularly interested to read the latter half of his post.

But that wasn’t the only disturbing thing the study found.

Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) and Pacific (people with Pacific Island ethnicities) were over-represented among subjects where ethnicity was recorded (127 of 141: missing data=14). Twenty-eight percent of the sample was Maori and 25% Pacific compared with 14.6% Maori and 6.9% Pacific in the national population (Statistics New Zealand, 2007). Europeans were underrepresented with 31% of all subjects compared to the New Zealand European population of 67.6%.

So, if you’re brown, the police will pull a taser on you. If you’re white, they won’t. It looks like racism is alive and well in our police force.

Hm, that’s interesting. Here’s me thinking that the police apprehended criminals not the general public. Everyone knows that (rightly or wrongly) Maori have a much higher crime rate. In fact someone once told me that if NZ Europeans were a country, they’d have the lowest crime rate of any country in the entire world. So it makes perfect sense that the police woudn’t be tasing as many “white” people, since they’re encountering fewer of them committing crimes.

So I thought I’d look up the latest prison data and compare it to the above.

I present the following chart.

Population% Taser% Prison%
Maori 14.6 28 51
PI 6.9 25 11.5
European 67.6 31 33.6
Other 10.9 16 3.9

So, if you’re Maori and a criminal will the police pull a taser on you? At 28% of the “tazed” population and a full 50% of the prison population, the data suggests “no”. NZE’s are about even, with only a slight difference between the imprisonment rate and taser rate. So white people aren’t getting a free ride.

What’s most interesting is that the Pacific Island rate is so high. One could only speculate as to that effect. It could be that for PI’s, the prison rate is a poor aproximation or it could be that the bulk that typifies so many islanders makes police more inclided to reach for the zapper.

Who knows. It’s just interesting to see the statistics in a more realistic context.


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  1. Perhaps we could ask the police to Taze Malcolm a few times, so we can even out the stats…

    • That’s actually a good idea – they could just keep coming back until he agreed that the stats were now even.

      Yea, that could work well.

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