Wikileaks does damage

See, this is how Wikileaks is going to undermine peace.

New Zealand has been using the Waihopai communications base to spy on Fiji’s military, passing the intelligence to the United States Government, WikiLeaks cables reveal.

The base was used in the 2006 coup and probably the 2000 coup, although New Zealand officials have always denied that they were spying.

The WikiLeak cables, taken with other information made public on Fiji, point to the Government Communications Security Bureau being capable of listening in to Fijian mobile phones.

The revelation is likely to anger Fiji prime minister Voreqe Bainimarama, who seized power in a December 2006 coup.

At the time Commodore Bainimarama and his colonels publicly expressed fears that Australia and New Zealand were engaging in covert activity.

Fiji now know that New Zealand was/is spying on them. That means that getting information from them is going to be harder (since it’s been confirmed they’re being spied on), and talking to them harder too since this confirmation now has their backs up.

I don’t think too many people disagree that what NZ is/was trying to do is a good thing. But this disclosure now puts a roadblock in the restoration of democracy in that country.

It’s ironic that those who think that the Iraq war and other situations should have been resolved via diplomacy are now effectivly trying to destroy that diplomacy on the grounds that it is “secret”.

That’s mind numbingly stupid, and can only lead to more wars.

Moore declared (to some unnamed person) that “every cable, every email you write is now fair game.” And that is exactly what Assange is going for. But the endgame is not openness. It’s exactly the opposite. Because every internal communication is now “fair game,” State officials will surely communicate less information internally.

Moore also claimed that “No one can plot the next Big Lie if they know that they might be exposed.” But that’s not right; folks can plot the next Big Lie all they want, they just can’t keep a record of the plot. That makes the system more opaque, not transparent.

And though it won’t improve transparency, the breakdown in internal communications will handicap the State Department. With enough leaks, Assange hopes, internal communication will break down entirely and the diplomatic community will be unable to function.

And what happens when diplomacy is impossible? Among other things, there will be more physical conflict where disagreements cannot be worked out peacefully (and peaceful conflict resolution is the entire purpose of diplomacy). Assange may or may not understand that fact.

I for one am heartily sick of the childishness of many on the left. We’re still seeing it every day. They behave as though the west should be without fault from any conceivable angle, while ignoring the real world reality of opposing despotic regimes such as Fiji or Saddam’s Iraq.

That’s not to say that wrongdoing should not be opposed. But publishing thousands of diplomatic cables regardless of content is not opposing wrongdoing, it’s creating mischief.

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