Radical Islam in NZ

Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

Muslims at New Zealand’s largest mosque claim its Pakistani imam taught jihad or holy war and preached on the need for men to make as many babies as they could with burqa-wearing women.

Muslims involved claim imam or mufti Abdul Qadir Siddiquei preached jihad against members of Islamic sects he did not approve of and ran a madrasa or school for boys on jihad at the mosque.

Pleasant on two points:

  1. It forces people out of the “oh, it’s not here in NZ” attitude. Quite why people think radical Islam isn’t already present here is beyond me.
  2. It has become public, which suggests that there are muslims who are prepared to break ranks and not tolerate radicals in their midst. That is a very good sign.


  1. There is a lot of truth to Toliens words to the effect of “You can fence yourself in but you can’t fence the world out ”

    I have no doubt we will have to deal with an attack at some point in the future. I guess we will never know but I sure as hell hope SIS or some agency had the place infiltrated. I might well blog on this myself later.

    1. I don’t think we want to fence out the world – we’d be worse of for it.

      But we need to snap out of the “everything is ok in NZ” attitude and stop imagining that nothing bad ever happens here. Because it will.

      BTW, if there ever was a serious attack in NZ, I’d give good odds that it’d be the Sky Tower that would be hit. Muslims hate that thing.

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