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Why even bother?

Why would you bother?

Those in the studio laughed, but viewer John Collier, of Christchurch, formally complained that the reference to Jesus Christ breached broadcasting standards relating to good taste, decency, fairness, children’s interests, and discrimination and denigration.

But the authority disagreed. It said the words Jesus Christ formed part of the punch-line to a joke and were not used in a manner intended to offend.

So let me get this straight. You can say something offensive so long as it’s the punch line of a joke?

Nor could they be seen as encouraging discrimination or denigration of Christian people, and the BSA did not think children would be alarmed or distressed.

Since when was protecting children from offensive language about them getting distressed? Most children I’ve ever known were quite happy to learn a new offensive utterance.

We’re getting stories like this all the time. It is quite incredible how the BSA is more interested in finding novel excuses for blatant breaches, rather than do their job of enforcing the standards.

There’s a lot of people on Yahoo (where I first saw this story) bashing those who complained. But back when, a joke like that would be told by implying or hinting at the punch line. That way, the standards were not breached but people still got the joke. Why exactly I should be expected to put up with breakfast TV throwing away any hint of decorum and attempting to replace those late night so-called comedy shows is beyond me.

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  1. Everyone knows that Jesus made the best wine, so on that basis the joke wasn’t even funny. .

    Still, Paul Henry did have to eventually resign for saying an un-PC comment, so we know that it is possible to cross the boundaries of decency, but only when it fits a particular world view.

  2. Well, if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch.

    • Sure. I guess if your kids are watching say, spongebob and suddenly one of the characters suddenly starts swearing like a trooper, you’d just turn the TV off and say “ok kids, no more spongebob”?

      No, of course not. You’d complain. Because there’s a time and a place.

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