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This about sums it up:

During a discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday, the panel conceded that conservatives and Tea Party activists were unfairly scapegoated in the wake of Jared Lee Loughner’s shooting spree in Tucson, Ariz., which killed six and left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords fighting for her life after a gunshot wound to the head. Mark Halperin of Time just thinks conservatives shouldn’t bother defending themselves, so as to avoid further political escalation.

…The conversation then pivoted from a discussion of the actual facts to yet another lecture on rhetoric, with Scarborough hoping conservatives see it as a “wake-up call” on rhetoric even though he had just established that there was no connection between rhetoric and the shooting.

Amazing how much of left-wing politics boils down to “the right should just shut up”.

Update: Just thought I’d point out this whole thing is so beyond hypocritical. There were a few months back (and note, there havn’t been any reports since) that there were “Obama as Hitler” signs at a few Tea Party protests. Zomblog has a post reminding us of how common “Bush as Hitler” signs were during the Bush years. Oh, and here some proof* that at least some of those signs (at Tea party protests) were left-wingers trying to make the Tea Party look bad.

Just for kicks, I googled “Tea Party Riot”. The top results:

  1. A youtube video from someone complaining they were kicked out for being too aggressive
  2. Another video complaining that the police came with riot squads even though the protest was peaceful
  3. This video of a tea party.
  4. And someone from a radical left wing site asking “Is Anyone Else Kinda Aching to See a Tea Party Riot?”
  5. this digg entry which looks to be sarcastic.
  6. And this: “Ok, now that you have watched this, have you ever seen a squad of riot police actually look embarrassed when they were ordered into action?”
  7. And at the bottom of the page we have a link to a website/blog called “Tea Party Riot” which is empty.

Well, I guess that speaks volumes doesn’t it?

I wasn’t going to bother with “left wing riot” but the first entry is “The Leftwing riots Again, shuts down Ann Coulter’s speech”. Sort of goes to my point above really.

*In this latter case, the address of a left wing group is even clearly visible.


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  1. Yes, my latest post flipped it back on them. If they want the hate mongering to stop for 5 minutes, they have to try to stop talking for that long.

    • I was gob-smacked that one of the first left-wing responses I saw to this was a re-tweated tweat to Andrew Breitbart (who retweats all the hate tweets he receives) which seemed to be calling for a nation wide massacre of right wingers in response to the shooting.

      I’m in a continual state of gob-smacked-ness that anyone is even considering laying this at the right’s feed, let along the barrage we’re receiving.

  2. […] suspect the attackers would claim provocation by the fact that she showed up. Like I said earlier “Amazing how much of left-wing politics boils down to “the right should just shut […]

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