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From Instapundit.

IN LIGHT OF ALL THE DEMANDS THAT CERTAIN PEOPLE WATCH THEIR LANGUAGE, I’m reminded of how many people got their knickers in a twist over Ari Fleischer’s “watch what you say” remarks after 9/11. Fleischer’s remarks were pretty innocuous in context, but you would have thought he was Big Brother with a truncheon from the reaction of . . . well, Paul Krugman, who is now saying much more along those lines than Fleischer ever did. What could be different now? (Thanks to reader Paul Ulrich for the reminder).

Fleischer suggested that extreme retoric wasn’t wize and it was contorted into some sort of big government threat.

Ok, one more.

JAMES TARANTO: Big Lies And Little Ones: Paul Krugman’s Only Example Turns Out To Be Fraudulent. “If the broader claim–that the ‘rhetoric’ of Republican politicians and the nonliberal media was to blame for last Saturday’s act of mass murder–is true, why can’t it be presented without false factual assertions? Krugman’s little lie undermines the big lie he and his newspaper are attempting to purvey.” Plus, Jonathan Alter’s monstrous opportunism. “Alter seems to be lacking in any sense of decency.” And is refudiated by Rahm Emanuel.

See, this is why a conservative like myself has such a vastly different view of the US than anyone on the left. I know for myself that I am on the same wavelength as many of these supposed “hateful” people, so when I see something that doesn’t sound right, I check. And in so many instances they actually turn out to be completely fake or reasonable quotes distorted and taken out of context.

So it’s actually articles like the above which drive me to the right. If your case consists of only one quote, and that quote is fake, you’ve failed.

Sadly, most people think that religious conservatives in the states are bat sh*t crazy and don’t bother. Not that there aren’t crazy people, and that good people don’t occasionally say stupid things (eh, Obama – still bringing that gun?).

As a tangent, I doubt very much this will damage Palin. She became popular through just such a torrent of irrational criticism – in spite of it. Why on earth do those who’s earlier lies failed think that one really big lie will do the trick when thousands of smaller ones failed?

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