Palin (the stupid & narcissistic one) should have apologised for her offensive words

Love the fake outrage as liberals castigate Palin for not giving the speech they’d have made.

Where does Palin take responsibility for the gun sights trained on the districts of Democratic representatives, including that of Giffords? Where was Palin’s concession that perhaps “Don’t retreat — reload!” might not have been the best way to get her point across?

Where is this columnists acknowledgement that such target maps are perfectly common and normal and in no way contributed to this tragedy?

…Somewhere in those eight minutes, she and her speechwriters could have referred to an even greater communicator than Reagan — and that’s Martin Luther King Jr., who said, “Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies — or else? The chain reaction of evil — hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars — must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.”

What that ignores of course, is that there was no “chain of evil”. Palin’s agressive politics had nothing to do with the shooting and everything to do with winning political races.

What is a “chain of evil” is the way that every time the left is found to be wrong, they find something new to complain about. A chain which this particular columnist contributest to in several ways, including repeating the liberal nonsense about blood libel.

This was a missed opportunity by the ex-governor. She could have used this moment to grow in stature and look as though she had it within her to lead more than a conservative moment — that she could lead an entire nation. Instead she chose to toss aside the opportunity for statesmanship and lashed out bitterly while throwing red meat to her base.

I was surprised at just how restrained Palin was. Much has been made about how she made it “all about her”, yet she in fact said almost nothing about herself.

In the always churning and swirling turmoil of politics, prominent figures can both ride the wave and be swept under. But Palin’s arrogance, sense of entitlement and narcissism were on full display in her video message. She wants to be president, and she has shown that she can be plenty tough and unyielding in her principles. What she has also always shown in her defensive swagger is a complete lack of humility.

I thought her speech was very measured and pitched about right. I saw no arrogance, no sense of entitlement or narcissism. Since when has it been narcissistic to ask people to stop libeling you? Since when do we describe people as having a “sense of entitlement” because they ask people to stop calling for their death? Since when has it been arrogance for a political leader who has been the subject of an unprecedented tidal wave of hatred to ask for that hatred to end?

And (he repeats for the umteenth time) all this during a time when the left tell us that words hurt.

The columnist wants Palin to back down. Yet the columnist himself by writing the column is defending others who refuse to back down, repeating slander that should have been repented of yesterday, or even better, not made at all.

The left have had it easy for a long time. They screamed and the right backed down and apologised. (Exhibit 1: How McCain had to walk over eggshells lest he attract charges of “racism”, which have been oh-so-common post election.) The result of this long-term has been the liberal takeover of a nation where big government is ruled out by the highest law in the land. The Tea Party is about ending that constant capitation, and taking back America.

The left’s response has been to use hijack a tragedy, and use that tragedy to up their rhetoric. They know (or rather think) that eventually, sooner or later, the right will have to either fold or sink to their level and then they’ll be victorious. As this columnist shows, their faith in the MSM to keep their back and ignore their hatred is well founded.

Sarah Palin has shown that she is not going to back down. The entire point of saying “don’t retreat, reload” is that you don’t retreat when people throw more hate at you, when the opposition increases.

On the other hand, the entire point of saying “I wish Palin was dead” is that you wish Palin was dead.


  1. In truth her speech was right on the money and they know it.

    The messiah is getting good press for his and it was ok but the environment and event was odd, very odd indeed.

    The Coastal elites are scared shitless of Sarah Palin and that’s what this is all about

    1. Oh, absolutely.

      I saw some coverage of the event last night on youtube, and frankly if I were the president I’d have stooped down into th mic and said “you should all be ashamed of yourselves” and made a few short statements about how people should be behaving.

      Instead he sat there and lapped up the applause. That was wrong.

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