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Kucinich was the last holdout to John Kerry for the Democratic nomination in 2004. That’s not to say he had a chance, he just decided he’d keep going in spite of recieving close to zero support. Oh, and he was the only one of them who was actually prepared to admit he’s a liberal.

I’m sure he would have been great though.

Kucinich filed a lawsuit against Restaurant Associates of the Longworth House Office Building for selling him food that “contained dangerous substances,” an olive pit, USA Today reported Wednesday.

In April 2008, Kucinich bit into an olive pit in a sandwich wrap, which he said gave him “serious and permanent dental and oral injuries,” according to court documents.

Kucinich is seeking $150,000 in damages.

Gawker and Courthouse News Service first broke the story Tuesday, and that in response to questions, Kucinich’s spokesperson would only say, “This is a private legal matter.”

There’s nothing that says “I represent America” like filing a trivial lawsuit, is there?


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