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  1. I don’t think it’s all bad. This time around, with such an economic meltdown throughout the world, the pressure is wholly on National to use the funds from the sale of state assets to benefit all New Zealanders as opposed to just the wealthy ones.

    That being said, why are things not being done such as raising the minimum wage and reducing company taxation. I know it was reduced from a top tax rate of 33% to a top tax rate of 30% but this won’t produce any significant results. If the minimum wage was raised to $15.00 an hour, with the stipulation that all other wages go up accordingly, then perhaps the top company tax rate could be reduced to 25% and perhaps we could also afford to scrap the GST on fresh fruits and vegetables.

    The fact that National’s Finance Minister Bill English feels that he’s capable of pulling the wool over our eyes by justifying $250million a week in borrowings to provide tax breaks for the rich and then say “Where are we going to get the $250million from (per year)” when it comes to providing all New Zealanders with cheap fresh fruits and vegetables, is so ridiculous that I think National may have lost all chances of me voting for them this coming election. I do not think that Bill English is an asset to his party.

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