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Quote of the day

From the “delusions we have no intention of correcting” department.

The delusion that John Key is a hapless fool who’s somehow mysteriously gotten his hands on the reins of power remains very much alive within New Zealand lefties; this was the tired old line I got spun as recently as this afternoon, by one of the internet’s best-known Labourites (with a nice dollop of ‘if you don’t praise Labour, you’re a rightie’ for good measure).

The left simply isn’t going to get anywhere until they acknoledge a few things.

  1. Key didn’t get where his is today because he’s all smile and no brains.
  2. National doesn’t want to see the country fall flat on it’s face, it’s not going to sell off the country, it’s not going to slash government expenditure, and you can trust them at least as much as Labour, if not more.
  3. Claiming all the above as a central campaign strategy last time has done Labour a lot of damage this time around as people realize the sky hasn’t fallen.

Good luck with that.


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