Bureaucrat bites back

On a certain blog, a “guest” wrote about how offended he was when John Key said…

The Prime Minister said Brownlee had been given the task of overseeing the recovery because he could “knock heads together” and sweep away bureaucratic roadblocks.

The response was along the lines of “how dare that ****** criticise these people who have worked so hard to recover the city.

Well, of course Key was not refering to the unquestionably stirling work done by bureaucrats in the emergency, he was refering to the slowdowns that could be created by bureaucrats as the city tried to rebuild.

Given the faux outrage that Key’s comment generated from the left, you’d think they might have gone out of their way to make sure stories like this did not happen.

Their houses are uninhabitable and lie empty, and they still have to cover the mortgage.

For many, insurance to cover their rent will run out in the next few weeks.

But this week some Avonside and Dallington quake victims got a new shock, not about the state of their homes, but about their gardens.

The council is threatening to fine anyone who doesn’t mow their lawns, and the owners aren’t happy.

One does wonder what business it is of the council’s if I don’t cut my lawn at the best of times, but in cases like this, it seems that bureaucrats have no worries keeping up their uncaring reputation even when people are suffering.

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