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Saw this video on Open Parachute.

How do we know this? How do we know tha tevery answered prayer truly is a coincidence? The way to know is to look at every falid scientific study that has been done to test the effectiveness of prayer. Scientists have proved it over and over again: Prayer has absolutely no effect.

Funily enough, the video then goes on to exmplain that in one study, prayer not only had no effect, but that “no effect” was a negative effect!

Now that’s amazing.

I also have an illusion of my own.

  1. Assume you are an atheist, and intelligent
  2. Think of all the knowledge you have of Christian theology, and see if you can find any apparent contradictions
  3. Found one? Good.
  4. Now, can you find in your knowledge an answer to this contradiction? No?

There, you’ve just proved that Christianity has contradictions. Pat yourself on the back. Alternatively, you could actually go out and look through some of the two thousand years of Christian scholarship. I’m told it’s surprisingly common to find  such “impossible” contradictions have been thoroughly addressed in the second or third centuries. Sadly, many atheists assume that because they have never heard of the answer to a question, that no one else has ever thought of it, and then conclude that this gap in their knowledge means that Christians are stupid*.

But I digress. And I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an illusion. Never mind.

What I’m really posting this for is because I’d like to know if any atheist would like to setup a rest home on this principle.

The rules are:

  1. The rest home must only be funded through freely made donations
  2. No donation may ever be requested either directly or indirectly
  3. The only appeal for money must be to a jug of milk. These can be as frequently as required, in any situation (i.e. while out for a walk) but must always be out of hearing
  4. Finances of the institution must never be discussed without outsiders, and as little as possible with staff not directly involved in finances
  5. The director of said institution should receive no salary himself, but should also request funding or direct gifts via the milk jug

Of course, such a such a scheme would be nonsense, and no one in their right mind would take up my challenge. While an institution might be setup and run for a while on the publicity, sooner or later money would run out and meals would be missed, and needs would go unmet.

Yet,  the ministry of George Muller still operates today on that very basis. Of course, those continuing answers to prayer are all coincidences, but I really believe that after the first, say, 150 years such coincidences might have caused a financial hiccup great enough to cause a serious problem.

* But don’t let this logic confuse you – I’m not saying there are stupid Christians out there. I know only too well that stupid Christians are very common indeed.


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