Yet another school disinterested in doing it’s job

This makes me angry.

Mr Petherick said he had assured Mr Hamilton the school was a safe place for his son. “We have spoken to all the individuals in this, and we believe that it is sorted.”

Bullying was not a problem at his school. “Any bullying that happens here we deal with it. We deal with it quickly and with consequences. Mr Hamilton’s been told that, as far as we can see, there is no reason for Jacob to not be attending school.”

When asked about the online demand for money sent by a pupil to Jacob, Mr Petherick said: “We’ve spoken to the boy about that and he’s said that’s not the case.”

I have a friend who’s child came home from school terrified and shaking. Sadly, in this case I was not suprised because that particular school has a long-time reputation for aggressive bullying. But like this case, the teachers have closed their eyes and declared that nothing is wrong and that the fault is with the child himself.

Not that the fault is 100% the school’s fault. Too many parents these days are enamoured with their “perfect little darlings” and haven’t been so crash hot on discipline themselves. We can hardly be surprised when schools chose to give up.

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