Hey Brian, Christianity is *that* way

Brian Tamaki keeps moving towards becoming a full fledged cult.

In the sermons, Bishop Tamaki said he had been preparing his followers for a year to receive the revelation God gave him about the resurrection, so they could “understand what the Bible is really saying”.

He told the congregation they would doubt his teaching, unless they also had the revelation, because of “too many forces and too much teaching and too much backlog of religion”.

“You must get out of your mind that, that Jesus Christ is now, ah, is still Jesus of Nazareth … But Jesus did not come out of the tomb. The flesh Jesus died in the tomb.”

Bishop Tamaki went on to say that theologians and other Christian teachers would have difficulty accepting his teaching.

So Brian has had a revelation that has eluded every single theologian of all time. I wonder why I haven’t heard this in my John Piper pod-casts, or read about this in Calvin’s Institutes. Maybe those guys didn’t pray enough?

Or maybe they didn’t have a gang of lieutenants who had sworn loyalty to never question the bosses orders.

Here’s what I said previously:

What really irks me about the whole Destiny thing is that Brian should know exactly what his problems are. It’s well documented what behaviors are indicative of a cult, and there’s no shortage of people pointing out where Destiny is venturing near to those behaviors.

But he continues down that road anyway.

And that’s the problem. A real church would be striving to be less cult-like and address such criticism while keeping faithful to the scriptures. Early on, the allegations of cult-like behaviour could be excused. With more and more examples coming out, it becomes impossible to excuse such things and only one conclusion can be forthcoming.

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