Another teacher refusing to do their job, even after horrific injuries resulted

Well, this one tops all.

“Principal John Inger wouldn’t have had them back here unless he and the board were persuaded that [the girls] had moved on.”

Mr Inger said the girls would “almost certainly be looking for a different school” if they did something like this again.

What did they do that threatened that the “might” be moved on “if they do it again”?

Cornered and scared in the toilet block of her school, a 13-year-old Morrinsville girl had no escape as four bullies beat her so badly they left her with a brain injury.

A week later those four girls are back at Morrinsville College – but their victim is not.

She has spent a week in and out of in hospital and is now under 24-hour care at home, with the prospect of never recovering fully from the attack.

Her mother Tracey Edwards finds the situation hard to understand. “It’s disappointing that they were allowed to return to school,” she said. “I mean who else are they going to do it to? Who’s their next victim?

“It’s great for them that they’re back at school – but personally, as a parent, I’d just like them all shot. I’m so hurt and so very, very angry.”

It’s hard to think of a worse instance of bullying. It’s also hard to think of a more limp-wristed response to it.

I’m trying to think of a more appropriate response, but I keep coming back to a mob with baseball bats politely suggesting that the teacher reconsider his career options.  A principal who sees serious, life changing assaults in his school and suggests that he’ll wait until it happens again before he takes action has no place anywhere near children at any time.


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