Nasty Union signs not quite as popular with media outlets

As I say all the time, there are nutcases on both sides of politics. Media bias comes in when the media focuses on those nutcases on one side, but ignores them on the other.

Strangely enough, when this happens members of the media notice too.

Throughout the rise of the Tea Party, there seemed to be an effort by some media outlets to marginalize the message of the conservative movement by portraying rally attendees in the worst possible light – singling out protesters with Nazi or racist signs and suggesting that was indicative of what the whole movement was about.

However, the cast on Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC made an interesting observation — the signs being held by pro-union protesters in Madison, Wisc. have similar imagery yet they have not become the focus of those same media outlets that were critical of the Tea Party.

“Which I guess a Tea Party member would tell you if a Tea Party person held up with one of those signs with 300,000 people in the audience, it would be on a loop on every nightly news cast,” “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said.

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