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There are problems with the water system in Christchurch.

There will not be enough water to meet demand in Christchurch in the coming days, Christchurch City Council says.

The council says damage caused by yesterday’s earthquake meant the water supply was not functioning on the eastern side of the city.

“There is no drinking water and no fire pressure,” it said in a statement.

The council said that drinking water could be collected from a number of primary schools where it would be be delivered throughout the day.

Lyttelton Main and Phillipstown schools have water tanks, while tanks are on their way to Governors Bay Primary School, Lyttelton West School an Diamond Harbour Service Station.

Six more water tanks are were their way from Auckland.

One thing that will not solve the issue is a scheme I saw via twitter.

Aucklanders are being asked to purchase bottled water and bring it to collection points. They’re then going to truck it down to Christchurch.

Quite why water needs to be taken on a two day when there’s plenty to be had less than an hour away (and indeed, from some places in the city) is beyond me. Fontera’s trucks are transporting 200,000 liters at a time from Temuka. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to work out that a full truck of bottled water would cost at least $200,000, and would take much longer to arrive (quite outside the problems of having to organise pickups, re-palletising individually purchased bottles, transport…).

Yes, this is a case of people trying to help. But it’s wrong. It’s a waste of money and effort – that $200,000 could be desperately needed elsewhere. I doubt it’s a scam, but those are out there too.

Please, if you are further than a couple of hours drive from Christchurch, give money to the Red Cross. It can then be used to supply what is needed, in the most efficient way possible.


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