John Adams

My wife and I have been watching the John Adams mini series which I’d been recording. Sadly I missed the first episode.

Then I recalled something from some time ago… and sure enough, DPF had an old post on the series.

The seven part John Adams miniseries has won 13 Emmies, a record for a miniseries.

It is a compelling story of the first 50 years of the United States. Paul Gianatti did a powerful portrayal of John Adams, the first man to win and lose contested elections for President. The story of his friendship with Thomas Jefferson that turned to rivalvy and then loathing, before finally back to friendship is wonderfully told.

I hope a NZ broadcaster picks these up and shows them here.

That was over 2 years ago, and it still hasn’t made it here. I’ve been recording it on SBS through our cheapo satellite receiver.

It’s certainly well worth watching. I couldn’t comment on the historical accuracy, but it certainly has a very authentic appearance. In the last episode, John rips into the the artist who created the famous “signing of the declaration of independence” painting and muses that all the men depicted (himself and Jefferson excepted) were dead.

Anyway, a good series. One hopes that TVNZ or TV3 might bring it here sometime soon.



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