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Noticed something strange on Tumeke!

If you ever want a true snapshot of who amongst us would turn lynch mob, check out the facebook page for what computer warriors would like to do to looters, my guess is 90% of them are also signed up to the Paul Henry supporters facebook site as well.

I just thought that was interesting in light of this.

It is imperative to emphasize at this point that people are under a large amount of psychological distress after an event that killed around 200 people and have been exposed to trauma. People do not necessarily behave rationally under these conditions, and penalizing people too heavily or naming and shaming as in the deplorable Facebook group that attracted over 43,000 supporters is not necessarily the best way of dealing with people that have gone through a major disaster. It is not uncommon for people in these kind of disasters to drink, as detailed in the TV3 blog on ethics of public urination going out the window. These people need help by and large NOT harsh prison sentences or vigilante-type violence.

So if people vent online to release their stress, they’re terrible people who are about to “turn lynch mob” – even though there have been no lynch mobs reported. But if they go out and steal because of their stress, that’s ok and we shouldn’t just assume they’re low lifes who are kicking earthquake victims when they’re down.



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