Fox New, Lies and Canada

Saw this on Huffington Post via twitter.

As America’s middle class battles for its survival on the Wisconsin barricades — against various Koch Oil surrogates and the corporate toadies at Fox News — fans of enlightenment, democracy and justice can take comfort from a significant victory north of Wisconsin border. Fox News will not be moving into Canada after all! The reason: Canada regulatorsannounced last week they would reject efforts by Canada’s right wing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to repeal a law that forbids lying on broadcast news.

I’m sure that sounded funny to liberals, however to a conservative like myself it’s outright weird. Fox may be contentious, and their positions questioned by liberals, but the idea that a law on lying keeps them out of a market just doesn’t make any sense.

Then I read the first comment.

The funny things is this story is almost 100% false. Fox News already broadcasts in Canada, Sun TV News is run by a totally separate company, it’s the CRTC that wants to repel the false news law, not the prime minister, and said law had nothing to do with Sun TV News, it’s a totally separate issue.

Comments go onto to further correct the article in that Sun TV News is launching anyway.

So the story that claimed that Fox news was all lies was… all lies.

Fancy that!


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