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Well, the memorial service was today. It was really too early, but sometimes there’s never a good time for these things.

I am sure for many of those who have been part of the rescue/recovery operation, the long weekend will do them good. Certainly I heard reports on the radio that a great many people were seen leaving Christchurch to take advantage of the holiday.

Other than that, I don’t really have any words to say. It’s heartwrenching to see so many lose so much, and there’s not a lot to do from here but offer what help we can and pray.

One positive that we can take from this whole thing is the knowledge that when things really mattered, people jumped at any opportunity to help those around them – and it wasn’t just students either farmers have made massive contributions in spite of not having their normal work go on hold.

Such community spirit can only be a good sign for our society.

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