Quote of the day “I’m pretty sure you were born yesterday” edition

From the Herald.

The Chifley College student also says that Casey in fact had bullied him prior to the altercation and threw the first punch.

“He abused me first … he was like ‘get to class, you idiot’, all that sort of stuff,” Ritchard said.

I don’t know what’s worse, the bullying or the fact he’s now telling big fat porkies rather than admitting he clearly the one at fault. His claims simply don’t fit with the video, but they certainly fit the theory that he is a little weasel who thinks he can get away with anything he likes.

I actually knew a guy who did a similar thing once, with similar results. Fact is, even the worst bully tends not to pick on a guy who’s proven he can literally throw you across the room.

It’d be nice if teachers actually dealt with bullying, but they don’t. Hence we end up with situations like this. Luckily this one turned out ok, other have not.

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