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Acording to a blog we all know well, this is attacking those who saved Christchuch. How evil of National do… wait, isn’t Cosgrove in the Labour party?

Labour’s earthquake recovery spokesman Clayton Cosgrove says he fears hundreds of Wellington bureaucrats with clipboards telling Cantabrians how to rebuild Christchurch.

The government will next week outline a new earthquake authority that will co-ordinate the Christchurch recovery after last month’s destructive 6.3 magnitude quake.

Yesterday word came that the  first leader of the Christchurch earthquake recovery authority is expected to be senior civil servant Martyn Dunne, chief executive of the Customs Service.

But Labour’s Christchurch MPs say the last thing residents need is more Wellington bureaucracy stifling the rebuild.

I’m guessing 3 responses are possible:

  1. It was bad when National did it but Labour is different for some reason so it’s ok.
  2. Cosgrove is confusing those working in Christchurch with those wonderful state sector bureaucrats that make all good things possible.
  3. Cosgrove is not representing the Labour party and never ever was a real member of the Labour party

It will be interesting to see which response comes out. Actually, I don’t give a toss.


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