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Lucia Maria points out that a group called the Earth Day Network is trying to persuade catholic churches (and I have no doubt protestant churches too) to use easter to preach about Earth Day.

What a bizarre suggestion. One might as well as a surgeon to take a wheelbarrow of cow manure into his operating theatre, or a petrol station to start filling cars with water instead of fuel.

What goes through the minds of the people when they seriously think that they have the right to ask an organisation to put aside it’s most important task, of eternal importance, in order to promote a petty, trivial political campaign – and on the most important day of their year?

“Oh, sorry the annual day celebrating your entire reason for being falls on the day we picked this year – could you just abandon your most holy celebration and read from this script for us?”

They’ve got no idea, have they?


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  1. It is not that the environuts want Christians to preach an alternative message of equal worth. The human-hating Gaia message is the complete antithesis of the salvation message of Easter.

    • Yes, it makes a number of assumptions, and particularly makes the assumption that the christian message is false. So who thought that would be a good idea?

      The whole thing is offensive from so many angles it isn’t funny.

  2. It is just another example of the pressure of the world on faith, albeit an extreme one. I do see it as a failing of the Church in our times to be absolutely unequivocal about what She is about for this to be even contemplated.

  3. Moist von Lipwig said:

    Hey…Why stop at “Earth Day” ?
    When you can rename Easter eggs.

    • I have no problem with Easter Eggs being renamed by some uptight crazy person – it’s not fooling anyone.

      I’ve never considered them in any way an integral part of the Easter celebration either – for the most part they’re part of the parallel secular festival in much the same way that Santa clause makes a parallel secular festival at xmas.

  4. Its difficult consolidating philosophies like christianity, which say that the entire universe itself was made for man, with ideas on sustainability which say that man’s behavior’s can have a negative impact on the place it lives. They simply cannot co-exist. If the universe was made for man, then anything that man has the potential of doing is built into its environment so that it would always be livable, no matter what.

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