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Notice this on a Patterico thread:

Here is something that surprised me: within 15 minutes of the news channels announcing that bin Laden was dead, there were hundreds of GWU students gathered in front of the White House, complete with not just flags on a narrow stick, but large 3 x 5 flags on poles. Another thing that the students had, that they were waving around, was Obama 2012 signs. Not just quickly printed up student-type signs, but campaign signs. One had a sign: GWU tuition $47K, housing $10K, Osama bin Laden dead, priceless. When Geraldo first showed them, before the president’s speech, I remarked how young the people looked.

There is no way in hell that all those students could have gotten from George Washington U. to the White House in 15 minutes, not by public transportation and walking would have taken more time. It was as if these students, with their Obama 2012 signs knew that they should show up at the White House fence at that particular time.

Hell, the people that gathered at Times Square, which has people in it at all hours of the day and night, took longer to gather than these GWU students took to get to the White House.

The author later clarified:

Dustin, I don’t mind the jubilation on the part of the GWU students. I do mind if they were tipped off to the kill before the American people were.

It’s one thing to grab your printer and whip off an American flag.

But to turn up with large campaign posters is not just partisanship weirdness, it’s also highly suspicious when it’s done so quickly.

It will be interesting to see if these allegations prove true, and if the media asks the hard questions.

P.S. The post itself is a good one, outlining various bizarre partisan responses from democrats who should know better. I am though a little disappointed that he didn’t look at some of the behaviour on the right too – though even Rush was praising Obama today so I don’t expect too many examples.


Comments on: "Did Obama organize the “Osama is Dead” celebration beforehand as a campaign rally?" (2)

  1. Thought the same thing. Posters probably could be tracked back to the printer..

  2. Taylor said:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing.
    Received a text from a friend, alerting me to the news.
    As soon as I turned the news on, I saw a grip of kids jumping up and down, in front of the WH gates. All I could think of, at the time, was: “Where the hell did they come from?”

    And ten minutes, after that, broadcasters started pitching attendance numbers into the hundreds. Kids swinging from trees, jubilantly.

    Something wasn’t right.

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