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This seems to be a pretty common occurence IMHO.

Although I give Nyhan him props for admitting his mistake, he seemed blinded to the reason he made a mistake in the first place – his initial broad assumption was wrong.  If he’d been open to the idea that Republicans weren’t crazy lunatics making an unreasonable request, then he wouldn’t be so confused by the poll numbers.

I wouldn’t call that a normal reaction however. In my observation, the left’s solution to predictions not working out is to concoct some sort of bizarre theory. This  usually takes the form of some sort of conspiracy.

Actually, I think that attitude is how the “GOP is crazy” meme got going in the first place.

And of course here in New Zealand it’s budget week, where the left will crow about how National’s “Secret Agenda/Fetish” for massive government cuts will finally come out. Because, you know, if you have a massive hole in your accounts and a couple of major disasters in a small country the last thing you should do is cut the ultra-expensive (and damaging) vote buying policies of the last government.

I guess we’ll see how that goes.


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