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Saw this exchange on twitter, and thought I’d lay it out in a post. It’s quite revealing of the way some people try and argue – and let’s be clear, I’ve seen this on both sides of the aisle.

Stranahan should be familiar to regular readers (both of you!), he’s a lefty who works for conservative publisher (and left wing abuse target) Andew Breitbart.

The opening: Symbolman advertises his post and Stranahan tells him it’s rubbish.

Symbolman replies that it’s fact. So Stranahan picks out a frequently claim and asks for evidence it’s not baloney.

Symbolman expresses scepticism at any opposing view, and suggests that Breitbart would like if asked. Stranahan sticks to his guns and insists on proof.

Symbolman claims that this is a dodge. Stranahan sticks to his guns.

Symbolman makes a personal attack. Stranahan points it out the change of tack and again, sticks to his demand for proof. Remember, this is a claim that the guy made repeatedly in his article.

Symbolman lashes out. Another commenter is unimpressed with this development.

Stranahan can’t resist a dig. Another observer points out the obvious.

The tweet that inspired this post 🙂

He continues, suggesting that Symbolman admit to what is now clear to all watching. Yet another observer gives his 2c.

Symbolman gets an idea (and continues the abuse) – he can prove he’s right by showing that there’s no proof produced that he’s wrong. Stranahan suggests that perhaps this idea got him in trouble previously?

Stranahan makes another point, with a side dish of abuse.

Symbolman, convinced that he has now won his argument, declares that his opponent is in denial and the end is nigh. Stranahan is curiously obsessed with the idea that Symbolman should really produce some proof before he declares this.

Symbolman declares that absence of prof to the contrary is proof that his baseless assertion is solid gold, swear on the Bible, truth. Stranahan suggests that he man up with an actual case.

Symbolman hides behind his lawyers. Stranahan laughs.

Symbolman pleads the 5th. Stranaham points out that pleading the 5th means you’re guilty of something….

…and follows up with an observation we all know is true.

Apparently this guy is big on the DailyKos.

Symbolman decides to have another go at the “personal abuse” tactic. Stranahan replies.

He tries another tack.

Symbolman tries telling Stranahan he’s too stupid to understand twitter messages. Stranahan makes a telling point.

Symbolman brings out another new tatic – belittling dismissal. Stranahan suggests that simple answers can in fact be written simply.

Meanwhile a lefty chips in and abuses Stranahan for defending his friend Breitbart.

Stranahan is still looking for an answer to his original question. Incidentally, I count 14 different ways of Symbolman avoiding answering it at this point.

Simple request, abuse in return. Block. Done.

Ok, now quite done. People don’t get how a lefty can work for someone they hate as much as Breitbart.

I’m pretty sure he blocked him after this one.

This one was the one that got my attention initially, and I worked my way back from there.

Thought I’d include these in case anyone claimed I was missing them…

And finally

As I said, I counted 14 different tactics used to avoid one very simple question: do you have proof of what you say?
  1. Claims projection
  2. Insists that his opponent would never tell the truth, so no rebuttal is possible
  3. Dismisses anything other than his side as a dodge
  4. Insults opponent in about 3 different ways, including claiming he’s incapable of comprehension and part of the “conspiracy”
  5. Outright abuse
  6. Demands everyone else produce proof
  7. Defames Breitbart is is all about
  8. Declares that Stranahan  is in denial
  9. Declares that lack of proof is proof of his claim
  10. Tells Stranahan to sue him
  11. Tells Stranahan he doesn’t have to answer his questions
  12. Tells Stranahan he’s ignorant
  13. Tells Stranahan he’s unable to even understand twitter
  14. Belittling dismissal
Well, if he ever is looking for work, he can always ask Winston Peters for a job!

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