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In the US, there’s a bit of a political scandal brewing around a guy called Weiner.

Basically, a photo appeared on his twitter account that wasn’t kosher. He is claiming (unconvincingly) that his account was hacked.

But the first person to break the story was conservative Andrew Breitbart. As I’ve blogged before, the far left hates Breitbart with a passion.

One fellow on the site Daily Kos started joining the dots and ended up straying off the deep end. Another wrote a post that used violently abusive language against the New York Times because they mentioned that Breitbart broke the story without giving the approved left-wing version of Breitbart’s career.

(Specifically, about how he published a video of Shirley Sherrod that was supplied to  him with the context removed, not that the context added much.)

Have a read, and remember, stay sane this political season.

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