The law is fine, it’s the courts that are the asses

Well, apparently our courts have decided that a law described by it’s authors as…

An Act to specify the circumstances in which contraceptives and information relating to contraception may be supplied and given to young persons, to define the circumstances under which sterilisations may be undertaken, and to provide for the circumstances and procedures under which abortions may be authorised after having full regard to the rights of the unborn child

…gives no rights to any unborn child.

Good to know, that.

And by “that”, I mean the fact that no law in this country has any meaning whatsoever.

In spite of this judgement there are two things we do know.

  1. Unborn children are still human
  2. This law was intended to protect them

I actually feel sorry for the judges. Sooner or later their consciences will catch up with them, and when that happens they will have to live with the horrific consequences of what they’ve done. I don’t think any human being should feel what they will feel that day.

See also: Dredd Scott

Update: Apparently there is still the Supreme court to appeal to. So while it’s unlikely this bizarre decision will be overturned, it is theoretically possible.






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