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Get it right please

TVNZ reports on the switch off of the analog signal.

Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman announced the switch from analogue to digital television would be phased in across the country in four phases.

When the switch is carried out, television will only be broadcast through digital Freeview, Sky or TelstraClear set top boxes.

Fair enough, but then we come to this:

About 20 per cent of Kiwis still have analogue television sets and people without a digital set top box may need to buy one as well as a new aerial or satellite dish, Coleman said.

Um, I still have an analogue TV as does most of the country I’d guess. But I have a set top box underneath.

It’d be nice if people could get their terms right.

Actually, I initially missed this mistake from earlier in the report.

Analogue television sets will be gradually switched off from October next year, it was announced today.

Wow, so the government is going to visit homes in New Zealand and switch off TVs? Or are they going to switch off the signal that those TVs can process?

What would be an interesting story would be one on those TVs being sold in shops now that do not have Freeview built in. It seems incredible that people are being fooled into purchasing something that appears modern, but will be unable to receive signal next year.

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