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A deluge of abusive drunks is straining Wellington Hospital’s emergency department, clogging its systems and demoralising staff to such an extent that at least one doctor is considering leaving her job.

Nurses say they dread night shifts at the department and have told of constant verbal abuse and occasional physical assaults, damning research by Otago University reveals.

“They’re very common events, which many of these frontline staff appear to endure stoically as part of the job,” senior researcher Fiona Imlach Gunasekara said.

One would wish that such people be charged for the wasted hospital time as well as their criminal behaviour. Sadly, that would probably lead to people not turning up in hospital at all.


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  1. Could be.

  2. My son’s friend’s father (who is quite old, at least 60 or more) tripped on a flaxbush a couple of weeks ago at 9pm on a Saturday night. Fell flat on his face sustaining cuts at the bridge of his nose from his glasses, had bleeding from inside his nose and shattered his elbow (has just come home after spending more than a week in hospital). He was not seen by a doctor until 4am on Sunday morning. And now to hear that drunks cause massive problems in the ED, it’s just infuriating. Let’s not even get into the lack of ambulances (or is it ambulance staff), so one had to come from Wellington up to Paraparaumu, and they had to leave him lying on the cold footpath (with blankets on him) because they were told not to move him until it got there about an hour later.

    • And that of course is the problem – that people who need help for no fault of their own have to join the queue behind the idiots.

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