Blaming the Victim

One of the sillier aspects of the already extremely silly “slut walks” was the oft-repeated claim that only in the case of rape were the actions of the victim blamed for causing the crime.

The claim that such statements are only made with regard to rape are a case of truth being selected to fit a political agenda, as this report demonstrates.

A terminally ill woman preparing to give birth had to endure the stress of having her car stolen from Auckland City Hospital.

Nikki Reynolds, 20, from Tauranga, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, was nearing her due date when her car which contained baby clothes and medication were stolen from an underground carpark outside the hospital, the New Zealand Herald reported.

But in spite of clear attempts to gain maximum public sympathy, we have these comments.:

Underground carparks around public institutions like hospitals which attract all kinds of people should be avoided for parking. In their situation they couldn’t avoid it. Secondly they had a car that a lot of the cr”p who do the stealing want. …


Sorry for the victims but REALLY – leaving things like syringes and drugs (according to this mornings Herald) in a car, along with other, desirable things is just asking for a vehicle to be stolen! I know that they really couldn’t have taken all their stuff into the hospital and that thei minds would have been on other things. Hope the little one is in good health and does not inherit her mother and aunts cyctis fibrosis. (That”s what the medical stuff was for.)

not to mention…

why are these subarus so popular and easy to steal. why would you buy such junk.

So there you have it. Innocent victims of a crime that is not rape, being blamed for “encouraging” the crime.

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