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The Herald did a live chat with Ian Wishart this afternoon.

The results are well worth a read.

Comment From Claude
Why write this book when nobody has been charged?

Ian Wishart: Good question, because many on Facebook have said this. Point of fact, Chris Kahui was charged with double murder. He was charged. A jury acquitted him because his lawyers did a good job sowing the seeds of reasonable doubt. Can’t fault them for that. If Chris Kahui did it, he cannot in fact be charged again with their murders, even if he confessed on TV tonight. People can make their own minds up about the case and those involved when they read Breaking Silence
Comment From Myk
You have said that Macsyna King won’t receive any profit from the book. But I would like to know whether you, your agents, or anyone connected with the book have directly or indirectly paid or otherwise reimbursed her in any way?

Ian Wishart: Not a cent. She made it clear she didn’t want to profit from her sons’ deaths when she first called me, and I said I would not have agreed to investigate it and tell her story if she had wanted it. All she wanted was to tell her story so that others would learn how people slip into an abusive lifestyle, and to shed light on the twins murders. Apart from sharing a Domino’s pizza during lunch, Macsyna has never received anything nor will she

Comment From Gavin
Why didn’t Macsyna King speak up at the original trial or when the police were questioning her and tell them who murdered her children if she knows?

Ian Wishart: Another piece of misinformation that is widely believed…She did speak up – to police, not the media. Macsyna has told the police everything she could in response to their questions, on the strength of which a prosecution was mounted.

Comment From Cassidy
Don’t you think it is of poor taste to try and make money from the murders of the Kahui twins especially considering their murderers have not been brought to justice?

Ian Wishart: When I worked for TVNZ, I earned a six figure salary to do investigations into cases like this one. I had the luxury of expenses being covered, helicopters at my beck and call, and lots of lovely advertising to pay for all this. Even so, no media outlet nowadays allows a staff member six months to a year to work on a story…it takes time and staff have to be paid. So with big investigations that have to be printed in book form, it costs. We print them in book form to pay for the bills incurred and wage costs. No one got to be a millionaire from publishing books in NZ
Comment From Lal
Would you consider donation all profits (this amount would need clarification) to a charity – pref. child abuse based charity?

Moderator: Some good questions coming through. Thanks readers.

Ian Wishart: For the reasons just explained, I can’t donate all proceeds from the book to charity because then I don’t eat. If we were a massive publisher with multiple income streams, great. We’re not. But a donation to charity is definitely on the cards, if the book manages to recoup its costs and get into stores



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