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Who to vote for…?

Ok, time for some thinking aloud on political parties and what I think of each. List is roughly ordered by ease of decision.

  • Progressive
Even if I were on the left  – and I am not – Jim Anderton is on his way out, and hence also his vehicle.
  • Green Party
With any moral issue in parliament, you can safely bet large sums that the Green party will be backing the immoral side. They’ve done incalculable damage to New Zealand society already, and haven’t the slightest chance of gaining my vote.
  • Maori Party
I’m not Maori, so I don’t really see the point. But given my regard for all the others on this list, maybe I should consider them more carefully. They have certainly done good things by partnering with National.
  • National
I have before said that I would not vote National, and I don’t see much to make me change my mind. They’ve made very few moves which could be described as real leadership, choosing to pass the buck on most tough issues, including and especially Section 59 where they seem to have zero concern. Moderation is one thing (a good thing too) but there’s a point where moderation becomes cowardice. National is well over that line – what I would describe as Bill Clinton territory.
Oh, and they’re sending me more stuff to me now than they were while I was actually a member, because they haven’t even bothered to note that I didn’t renew it – just the same as they didn’t bother to acknowledge my membership when I actually was in the party.
  • Labour
I’d rather vote Labour than National at this point. National hasn’t really overturned much of what they did, so in reality there wouldn’t be much difference except we wouldn’t have our expectations dashed.
Their policies are amusing, (GST off fruit and veg will fix the world!!!) until you realise that they might actually get to implement them.
  • ACT
I was thinking seriously about Act, until Hilary Calvert came along with her antics. (Yes Hilary, a brothel is different to other forms of business.) Then came Don Brash, who appears to be living deeply in the past.
(Note to Don: Any Maori who work with National are most certainly not radicals. Labour, you can argue about. National, nope. Do try to keep up.)
  • United Future
I don’t have much respect for Peter Dunne. He joined up with Future NZ, then when that arrangement became inconvenient he turned on them. Very much a man who made whatever fortunes he has had by marriages of convenience.


In Conclusion:
All choices suck. National would be the closest at this point, had I now vowed to avoid them. Labour is tempting as a protest vote, but I don’t like the idea of being so irresponsible. United Future would be tempting if Dunne had an ounce of integrity. The Kiwi party would be even more tempting, if they had an ounce of competence and a snowballs chance. But they don’t.
So put me down as “undecided”.
Update: New Zealand First
I forgot Winston Peters. I intend to continue doing that.

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  1. I pretty much agree with your analysis. I’ve never voted Act before because they are another party with no moral backbone. But I’m leaning towards then this time, as there is nothing else. Labour is too irresponsible financially, but then morally they are bankrupt, the issues I criticise UF and Nat’s for are all issues where they agree with Labour. Where is an actual conservative option?

    • Thing is with Labour, is that they were actually reasonably fiscally *responsible* – until it suited them to use the country as a hostage against the National party.

  2. You forget to assess New Zealand First.
    Also Mana.


    • Heh, yea I thought about Mana.

      I’ve put in an update on New Zealand First.

      Interesting how both those parties are named after something they are not…

  3. If pretty much decided to vote for a write in party – “No confidence”.

    But I will definitely be going to the polling place to cast my vote against the farce we call MMP

    • Hmmm… I have another post to write on the whole MMP thing. My long term postion is SM, but between FPP and MMP I’ve wavered a bit back and forward.

  4. I’ll probably vote Kiwi Party, even though it doesn’t have a snowball’s chance, it’s a good protest vote.

    • They certainly are well meaning and very moderate but they are also incredibly incompetent in my experience. Case in point: last election they completely forgot to put in their application for broadcast allocation.

  5. I’ll take imcompetent over evil any day.

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