Remember, this is how bad it was under Labour

Scary thing is, this is not the only time Wilson did something like this.

“Legal action wasn’t my first line of action. I first wrote to the Ministry for the Environment, and then to Iain Rennie at the State Services Commission. They both ignored me. I then wrote to the Speaker of the House, Margaret Wilson because, if you’re mentioned in Parliament you can get a rebuttal put on the parliamentary record. However the Speaker said she wouldn’t award me my right to do this unless I could prove that Mallard’s comments were hurtful and damaging to me. It was blatantly obvious to anyone that they were but what could I possibly provide her with at the time to prove this?



  1. Given that the last two and a bit years of this case were under National, we can be pretty confident there isn’t a lick of difference between them on an issue like this.

    1. I was referring to Wilson’s transparent excuses for doing the wrong thing.

      But I do agree that National’s leadership on this particular issue is a big black mark against them. I certainly would have hoped for better than that.

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