Support Human Rights, Oppose Palestinian Statehood

Sometimes the left confuse me.

On Friday, Palestine is expected to apply for membership of the UN, effectively (re)declaring a Palestinian state. This will kick of a diplomatic shitstorm, highlighting the isolation of Israel and its patron, the United States.

I assume he’s referring to the fact that Israel is the lone middle eastern democracy outside Iraq (thanks the the US), and surrounded by nations that have tried repeatedly to wipe them off the face of the map. Tried, until they realised that they also repeatedly came off second-best in such attempts.

So, here’s a question: how will New Zealand vote? Our history as a supporter of human rights and internationalism would suggest that we would vote in favour.

If we support human rights wouldn’t we be supporting a democracy’s right to exist and opposing those trying to wipe them out via terrorism?

Let me put it this way: one side of the conflict is offering the other medical aid. The idea that the other would do so is laughable, and everyone knows it. Which side would you support?

But the current government has shown itself to be more than willing to compromise on that where American interests are concerned.

True. National really hasn’t been willing to put it’s full support behind American efforts to bring democracy and peace to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think its time they were put on the spot about this. Does National support human rights and the right of all peoples to self-determination?

Will National support a Jewish homeland, established on forgotten waste land, constantly under threat by terrorism from those who vow to kill all Jews?

Or are they just American toadies? Voting minds want to know.

By “American toadies” I assume he means the Democratic Party.

But back to the real issue.

I think we can all agree that the proposed state would be accurately described as “a corrupt government whose policies include theocracy, legalised spousal rape, unfair trials and the death penalty.” This is not exactly news to anyone.

And I agree with Idiot’s assessment of such governments:

None of those things are worth fighting for, let alone dying for.

Let’s hope National do what Idiot would consider the right thing, and support democracy and freedom over theocracy and tyranny.

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