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Saw this debate on Breakfast the other day, and it certainly made up my mind on MMP.

It featured Lewis Holden from the Campaign For MMP and Jordan Williams from Vote for Change.

In short Holden…

  • Interrupted Williams’ opening salvo, after Williams gave Holden an uninterrupted opening spiel. Not only that, he basically called him a liar.
  • Interrupted again
  • Misrepresented the debate as one of parliament dominated by national and Labour vs. one with minor parties in it.
  • Belittled Williams as he was trying to explain Labour’s position
Williams’ tone was consistently earnest and made good logical points. His opponent, on the other hand, clearly thinks the public will be won over by abusing his opponent and pretending that Helen Clark never existed.
No contest.

Comments on: "My mind is made up – I’m voting for change" (2)

  1. I’m voting for change too. The difficulty is ensuring an alternative which could win agaisnt MMP in the second referendum gets the most votes.

    I’m opting for SM.

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