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Hear this this one recent morning.

“You know, given how the situation here in Christchurch and how often the people living on the good side of Christchurch have been getting services while the people on the poorer side, who are often Maori, are still to a large degree being ignored.”

When I heard that, I thought that it was referring to the earthquake recovery efforts.

Were that the case, it would be idiotic thing to say. It was the east side of the city that had (and still has) the disruptions. It’s also had massive efforts put in place by both government and volunteers to fix it. To suggest that one one was helping is a massive slap in the face of hundreds of people who willingly gave both time and money, simply because helping people was the right thing to do.

But then I listen to the report again and I’m not so sure. In the wider context he seems to be talking about lack of schools and doctors etc.

What say you?


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