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We have a serious problem with narcissism in our society (he said, pontificating on his blog).

She explained: “I was feeling a little self-conscious about the acting thing with my peers, but also my teachers became a problem. They didn’t want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while I was away.

They failed me. My teachers failed me. Not one but all of them.

Um, so let me get this straight.

You failed to turn up to school, because you were out earning millions (one assumes) of dollars making stupid teenage vampire moves.

And you blame your teachers, because they didn’t do the extra work you wanted them to do so that you could keep up, in spite of our absence.

Now, had you paid them that would be different. You were earning megga bucks, and it would only be fair to compensate them for their extra work. But you don’t mention that, and I somehow think that you would if you had paid them and they did nothing – that would only be fair.

But don’t you see that asking a teacher to do extra work, for no reward, for an ungrateful millionaire brat might be asking a little too much? Especially given that your teachers had students who actually turned up to class and weren’t being handed millions of dollars for a few months work?

Clearly not.


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