New ways to make the world a better place are being thought up every minute

…and occasionally some of them actually fulfil their goals.

These wont.

Then we take Auckland? The Occupy Wall Street movement seems to have spawned its own local imitators. First, we have Occupy Auckland, which is planning to occupy Aotea Square starting from Saturday. Then we have Occupy Wellington, which is planning to do the same to Civic Square and then the Reserve Bank. Other protests are apparently planned for Hagley Park in Christchurchthe Octagon in Dunedin, as well as New Plymouth and Invercargill. So, if you want to protest against inequality and economic insecurity and for greater democracy, then turn up, if only for a little while.

Please feel free to sit in the Octagon or Hagley park. Perhaps while you’re there you could abuse a passing banker.

Once you are sufficiently cold, you can then head home, knowing that you have achieved something.

That is, you’ve made a person with common sense think you’re an idiot.

(See this is what you get when you start rejecting profits.

First, you start doing things that aren’t quite worth doing. Next, you do some things that are pretty useless. Finally, you just sit around getting your backside frozen and convince yourself you’ve just saved the world by making some sort of massive statement.

But like someone said, reality doesn’t care if you don’t believe in it.)

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