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The poor in America

It’s a tough message, but I believe he makes some points that need hearing.

In this country we also have the far left telling us that the poor (and in many cases, the average family) need more government assistance. But those same people who “need” assistance are already getting thousands per year from programs like Working For Families, often more far more than they pay in tax. In fact, we now have our government supported by an incredibly small number of taxpayers – small wonder we’re running deficits.

Giving money for nothing is a chumps game. It’s a vicious cycle, where “fixing” the need instead drives demand for more need. And it’s even more vicious to break. When National finally broke it back in the 90’s… well, they’re still paying for it now, 20 years later.


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  1. ***Giving money for nothing is a chumps game.***

    I don’t mind giving some money so people can live while they’re out of work. However, it must be on the condition that they use contraception. This can be administered via 3 monthly birth control shots, or implant devices about the size of a matchstick. This would also have significant downstream benefits in reduced welfare and costs associated with the criminal justice system.

    Also, it’s the moral thing to do – most people use contraception because they can’t afford to keep having children. It’s hugely unfair that they should subsidise people who lack the future time orientation to avoid falling pregnant when they can’t support a child.

  2. National did not do anything good in the nineties

    They cut benefits, because of their greed and misunderstanding on those on low incomes, putting no programmes what-so-ever in place so that the people affected could have income-generating opportunities.

    National took a financial problem, tightened up horribly in the hopes of making the problem better, but made it a lot worse. It was only the Clark Government and the relaxed lending in the States which improved our economy. If National had won that election, we’d still be stuffed. They’d be thousands of homeless people on the streets, skyrocketing crime, an overwhelmed justice system, sick people dying on a weekly basis because of a lack of healthcare, and an even more corrupt police force.

    • Look at the numbers. The economy was improving when Labour took power – all they did was not stuff it up for a few years.

      National got the books in order. People are just now realising that the bad things they prevented were in fact very, very real.

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