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Election thread

Rather than updating a post, I’m going to make my comments under this post – feel free to join in.


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  1. TVNZ covering chch seats right now.

    Interesting to see 2 Labour MPs being kicked out. One I wonder if it’s because he was a head office plant, and the other? Who knows, but it’s been noted that Claton had been distancing himself from the Labour party.

    Winston is back in, which writes another chapter in the comeback from disaster book that is NZF. Clearly a protest vote against National.

  2. Nat vs Lab/Grn currently 45 vs 49 seats.

  3. Switched to 3… seems like Phil is leaving soon. Clearly a concession speech due but his problem is that he’s a 40min drive from HQ.

  4. Seems like John Banks is going to be a bit lonely – on current results.

  5. 49% vs 36% – got my %’s and seat numbers mixed up there.

  6. 61 vs 46 on seats. NZF has 9.

  7. Dear media: winston is back. Hope you’re all real proud of yourself.

  8. Hide making some good points: Key the most successful result under MMP ever. Opposition hopelessly divided.

  9. Green leaders all smiles. Not sure why.

  10. TVNZ interrupts the greens to put banks on. Heh.

  11. Now 3 playing Banks saying “thank you” rather than Green leader speeches.

  12. Seems Goff has left home.

  13. Nats down to 60.

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