Meanwhile, in the upside down world that is teaching…

Teaching, the only profession where better results can be obtained by people who aren’t professionally trained*.

Also, apparently you can’t attract good staff if you offer to pay them more.

“If people have total control over the curriculum, that’s open to go down a path which may or may not be beneficial for everyone. And I think performance pay for teachers is another area where it would make it harder for us to attract good staff.”

 Seriously, in an article that claims there are “pitfalls” to charter schools, that’s all they can come up with.
There is something seriously wrong with the teaching profession.
Oh, almost forgot this:

“We have the best of both worlds. We are beholden to the Ministry of Education, but we get great support from the private sector.”

Odd choice of words, at best.
* Yes, this is slightly tongue in cheek. I’m referring to Homeschooling here of course. And yes, I agree it’s not for everyone.
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